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Photo Galleries: Ramadan: March/April 2024

Syria, Kenya, Gambia, Bangladesh, India, Rohingya

Rohingya Ramadan Distribution April 2024

India Ramadan Distribution April 2024

Bangladesh Ramadan Distribution April 2024

Gambia Photo Gallery Sadaqatul Fitr April 2024

Kenya Photo Gallery Ramadan distribution April 2024

Syria Ramadan Distribution March 2024

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Gambia Qurbani: 2021

Qurbani (Udhiya) 2024

Zakaat is obligatory on all Muslims over the age over the age of puberty.
The Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him was asked “What is Qurbani?”, He answered, “It is the Sunnah of your father (prophet) Ibrahim (AS), for every hair of the Qurbani you will receive a reward from Allah and for every hair in the wool you will receive a reward” (Ibn Maja & Tirmidhi)

Your last chance to donate a Qurbani is Saturday 15th June 2024. The earlier you donate, the easier it will be for the poor and needy recipients.


Qurbani is a highly blessed and virtuous act, with the number of sins forgiven equal to the number of hair on the body of the sacrificial animal.

We distribute your Qurbani meat to the poor and needy in a number of countries.

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The Gambia Qurbani distribution 2020


We have a number of humanitarian aid projects in West African countries including:
✓ Self Sustaining Projects
✓ Food Distribution & Ramadhan Food Distribution
✓ Student Sponsorship
✓ Qurbani/Udhiya
✓ Construction
✓ Education
✓ Water Projects

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Al Madina Islamic Academy

Caravan of Mercy has used your generous donations to build a school in the West African country; the Gambia. The school is called Al Madina Islamic Academy and is located in a town by the name of Serekundanding. Funds for this project came from the Tour de Gambia fund-raiser which took place earlier this year (January 2019).
At present, the students are using makeshift facilities for a school until the 1st stage is completed. We have purchased 100 square metres of land and building has already begun.
The 1st stage of this project will create 10 classes/ rooms. After Ramadhan, we expect to total 300 pupils at the school. The school teaches a number of Islamic as well as secular subjects.
With added funds, we plan to build a girls boarding orphanage as part of the Al Madina Islamic Academy.

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Madressa Zenatul Islam: The Gambia

Madressa Zenatul Islam, Wharf Town, Kuntaur, Central River Division, The Gambia. Built and funded by Caravan of Mercy. It presently caters for 500 day students as well as 60 boarding. The school needs funding to employ more teachers and to construct more classrooms. Presently we have the younger children (primary) attend school in the morning while the older children (secondary) come in the afternoon. With more facilities, we could have all the children attending school at the same time so please help.
Our other Gambia schools are also located in North Bank region and West Coast. We are looking to open additional schools in Lower River division, Upper River division and West coast division.

Madrassah Ashraful Madaris Hifz is a another COM project located on the site of Madressa Zenatul Islam, Wharf Town, the Gambia.
Kids learn Quran and do Hifdhul Quran (memorise the whole Quran normally within a few years). Two teachers from India have recently been contracted by COM to work here along-side three local teachers. 60 boarding students (boys) are presently doing Hifdhul Quran, of which all are poor and needy while half are orphans.
COM offer student sponsor schemes for those who want to share the rewards for making a child become a Hafidh.