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Kenya Drought Ramadan 2023

Due to the 2022 rain shortages in Kenya, 2023 saw another year of extreme living conditions. The prolonged drought caused extensive malnutrition of children and starvation, which took the lives from all generations. Loss of livestock and livelihood also contributed in increasing poverty. Come Ramadan (April 2023), Caravan of Mercy and its generous donors responded by providing food to 2,300 households, Alhamdulillah. We were successful in providing Iftaar meals for the whole month for a total number of 17,495 men, women and children. A total of £20,000 was spent on this humanitarian aid project although many households were not reached due to insufficient food.

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Ghana East Savannah 2023

Ghana is a poor country located in the West of Africa. In April 2023, our Ghanaian partners visited areas where clean water for bathing, cooking and drinking is often difficult to find. We undertook humanitarian work in east Savannah, one of the poorer parts of the country, to distribute aid to towns such as Shishipe, Nkwanta, Matlapor, Mabunge and Idepe.
Thanks to your kind donations, we were able to spend £10,000 which was used to provide food and water to 320 families during Ramadan.
£8,850 food
£1,000 drinking water
£150 travelling expenses

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Pakistan Monsoon Flood Aid 2023

During 2022, Pakistan suffered its most devastating monsoon rainfalls causing severe flooding throughout the country. The province of Sindh was amongst the worse affected with millions becoming homeless. Many didn’t just lose their homes and belongings, they also lost their jobs and their animals also perished along with many public institutions such as schools and hospitals suffering from damage.

Local humanitarian agencies reached out and in March 2023, Caravan of Mercy and its donors were able to contribute towards providing relief to just 500 families. Together, we were able to provide food packs made up of; flour, pulses, rice, sugar, chickpea flour, drink syrup, cooking oil, salt and tea. This small but greatly beneficial kindness was possible only due to £6,000 that we received from our generous supporters.
Our partners in Sindh faced many challenges in distributing your aid including the problem of water logged roads which meant more trips using small cars instead of big trucks. Another major problem was that local businesses were wiped out, meaning food stuffs had to be purchased from alternative more distant places in order to feed the 2,000 children and their families.

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