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Liberia & Ghana trip June 2021 (2)

By Molana Ebrahim Patel (Chairman of COM) June 2021
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

Pray all are well. Alhamdulilah all going fine this side. Its been a hectic first week. Work is progressing gradually as rain is an obstacle at times..
Reached Monrovia on late night Tuesday. By the time we came out of the airport and got to the hotel it was nearly 2:00 am.
Wednesday 9th June 2021. Molana picked us up at 12:00 pm and got to Markaz Masjid Bilal. Read Zohar Salaat and made Mashwera with Molana Abdulla regarding our programme and itenary.
Thursday 10th June. Organised the warehouse with Molana and team to sort out clothing for distributions.
Friday 11th June. Visited Masjid Ebrahim. Assessment made on how much work and funds are to be needed for completion of the project. Thereafter we read Jummah Salaat in a small mosque to make an assessment on its necessary rebuilding. We recorded how many Mussalis for Jummah and how many Muslims live in the area. Discussed the needs with locals. New land has been donated with the possibility bthat brother Arif (travel partner) will get his family to sponsor the project.
Thereafter we went to Sinje Town for assessment of land given for major Masjid project including a school and a Hifz Madressa. Its location is 3 hours from Monrovia (capital of Liberia). Size of land donated by locals is 150 ft x 650 ft.
Muslims in the town are approximately 20,000 which is 90% of the towns population.
Qaadiani missionaries are very active there.
On our return, we stopped at a village Nimba point to pray Maghrib Salaat. We met a 4 months pedal Jamaat there.

Jazakallah khair,
Molana Ebrahim
Caravan of Mercy