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Water Project:

It takes an average of 12 Months for a well to be constructed and around 6 months for a hand pump to be completed.


Caravan of Mercy will endeavour to spend your donation in the specified country/project. However, in case of difficulty to practically spend in that country or project, or any surplus funds remain, these will then be spent on other charitable projects where required.

When we are unable to have a joint partnership agreement with any partners in a specific country, we are unable to do a bank transfer due to the risks involved. We however will carry cash to the country and personally deliver the aid to the recipients. We recognise the risks associated in transporting cash in this way and that the money could be stolen. You the donor agree to give the money despite knowing the above.

Gift Aid:

If you choose to gift aid your donation, then the gift aid we receive will be spent on any project, including administration costs such as rent, paying of bills and wages.