Want something to do in your spare time? or maybe just want to gain some experience?

Choose from different volunteer projects – all rewarding.
If you are open to the idea of getting some travel experience, personal development and fulfilling the Islamic principle that we must help those less fortunate, then our projects may just be what you need.

Are you?

  • 16+: Opportunity to engage in work experience with full support and life skills.
  • 18+: Pre- or post university, experience new challenges, opportunity to travel and improve your CV.
  • Career Break: Stuck in the rat race? Our short term project breaks will help you bring yourself back in focus.
  • Retired: Join us on an advisory trip – sharing your skills, expertise and wisdom.
  • Families: Come on a holiday with a difference – where you and your children can see sights, visit our projects and meet people off the beaten track.
  • Corporate & Groups: Enjoy project work together for a truly rewarding team building experience for corporate and voluntary groups

What can I / we do?
Work with community groups: helping to improve the lives of the poorest people.
Teaching: this is your chance to pass on your knowledge – of deen or your profession to people who are keen to learn.
Conservation: work with your hands and do what you can to return the Earth (and the animals) to the natural state (fitrah in Arabic). You will be working on ecosystems or animal projects.
Building: enjoy teamwork and satisfaction helping build madrassahs, schools and homes for the future generations.
Work experience: want to gain work experience abroad? Whatever you intend to study – learn skills and knowledge to improve you and your CV to stand out from the crowd.
Sports: enjoy working with kids in an active setting? Teach and play sports with orphans and village kids whilst being a friend and mentor.

If you want to be a part of our Volunteer team, then simply complete the volunteer form and we will be in touch as soon as possible…