Maktab Sponsorship

Maktab is an Arabic word meaning elementary schools. The makaatib Caravan of Mercy sponsors, provides children the opportunity to study Islamic subjects such as Quranic recitation, Aqeedah, Fiqh and much more.

The most important contribution we can make as individuals is helping people access the basic teachings of Islam, and giving them the education and knowledge to go forward in the right way.

Caravan of Mercy`s Maktab Sponsorship project aims to deliver free modern and Islamic education to children living in poor communities.

Currently Caravan of Mercy sponors 67 makaatib in India and Bangladesh.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The search of knowledge is an obligation laid on every Muslim.” Ibn Majah, Baihaqi

You can support a maktab with your Sadaqah and Lillah donations.


Country Annual Cost Monthly Cost
India £180.00 £15.00
Bangladesh £600.00 £50.00

*An annual report is provided for the maktab sponsorship project.