Liberia Murqaz Masjid construction appeal

“Whoever builds a Masjid for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” [Bukhari, Muslim]
Caravan of Mercy has been asked to help rebuild a burnt down Masjid in Monrovia. Molana Ebrahim has visited the capital and inspected the site and on behalf of the charity has pledged to initially donate £100,000 to complete the first of three phases.
Please donate as much as you can for the completion of this project. The 1st floor is almost complete, £130,000 is still needed to build the 2nd floor.

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In September 2017, patrons of the Bilal Murqaz Masjid Masjid in Liberia, were looking at the charred remains of their local place of worship which was victim to an electrical fault.
Three people suffered severe burns on Monday 4th September 2017 when the Masjid was gutted by fire in the Day-Break-Mouth-Open Community on the Barnersville Road, in the suburbs of Monrovia. The electricity supplier was thought to be at fault.

“This is what Allah destined, and therefore, it must come to pass,” the Masjid Imam said.

The Masjid hosted a non-profit learning centre said to have impacted the lives of the Muslim Community, specifically in education. The Masjid was also a boarding school for children.
The Imam praised Allah as some of the students were still on holiday and were expected to return for classes on the day the fire occurred, adding, “We have 78 to 90 students attending the school.”

He called on the Muslim community, particularly members of the council, to rebuild the Masjid so that the students can continue their academic calendar.
The school was founded in 2012, and has since that time been known to have benefited hundreds of school-going children in the community and outlining regions.
Because Caravan of Mercy have been distributing food to nearby areas in Monrovia since 2015, concerned Masjid members approached the charity for financial assistance in rebuilding the Masjid. We are now requesting your financial help.