Central African Republic

CAR refugees have been forced out of their country to live in camps inside Cameroon. On a yearly basis we collect donations and send UK volunteers to deliver food parcels, Udhiya (Qurbani) and  animal sacrifice meat to the poor, needy refugees.
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Caravan of Mercy have so far distributed thousands of food aid packages throughout the Borgop refugee camp in Cameroon. There are 14,000 CAR refugees in the Borgop camp which is very small, over crowded and cut-off from everywhere else.

Central African Republic (CAR) is a country situated in central Africa. Some 690,000 people, mostly Muslims have fled CAR altogether finding refuge in countries such as Cameroon since 2013, the start of the latest civil war. The refugees have fled ethnic cleansing consisting of horrific crimes against humanity. Now in Cameroon, this nation have little and no support from their poor host country. Caravan of Mercy have been visiting the refugees in Cameroon since 2013 on a yearly basis usually in Ramadhan.